Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Stop with the boxes!

I get it, OK? Knitting trends follow real trends and right now the trend is for boxy and shapeless, drapey and organic.

I understand the appeal of this aesthetic. Just take a look at one of the jumpers from the new Brooklyn Tweed Collection. This is imago from Wool People 9

Imago from Wool People 9

I get why people like this look. I like this look.

But boxy and loose doesn't suit all of us.

Look, I'm not into prescriptive fashion rule. If you like it, wear it, fuck flattering. But let's be honest here. If you're fat people are already way more judgemental about you. And if you dress in a way other people disapprove of for fat people, you may well get a lot of nasty stuff said to you.

And I just don't have the energy for that. I like to take risks with my fashion, but mostly I stick to fit-and-flare, shaped stuff that shows that I have a figure somewhere under here.

Boxy stuff makes me look like an egg.

I'm not saying that it all needs to stop. Publish the patterns you like! But it seems like every jumper or dress or skirt or top being published right now is trend-led and made primarily with tall, lean people in mind. I don't want to spend hours of my time knitting something that will make me feel frumpy when I wear it.

It's possible to create a modern, fashionable garment that is still nice looking on a wide selection of bodies - personally I fell in love with this a little while ago and think it works for that.

 This is Metropolis by Nora Gaughan and I can't wait to get myself the pattern and some yarn. I think it would look equally good in neutral charcoal or a vivid red or purple.

I'd just like it if in a collection of modern stuff I could find an actual garment I would wear, not just a bunch of pretty shawls and scarves. Because a woman can have too many pretty shawls and scarves.

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