Thursday, 11 June 2015

Purple and sparkly

I am not a very good spinner. But then, I've been spinning using a drop spindle just over a month, so I can't really expect to be excellent.

My first ever yarn can be seen below. Yuck.


(Crazy brain, of course, says 'if you can't be the BEST EVER, INSTANTLY, what is the point?' We don't listen to crazy brain).

Spinning is, if anything, even more mindless and soothing than the simple knit stitch. And it's a miracle of physics, too, which I enjoy a lot.

I recently spindled up some lovely Gothika fibre from Countess Ablaze. My two-ply thick and thin yarn isn't the prettiest in the world, but the pictures certainly don't do it justice. It's sparkly, and full of subtle gradiations of purple.

I love purple.

Purple AND sparkly

I've been working on plying together some corriedale I bought from a local shop. It's two shades of - what else - purple and I experimented with mixing in some tester fibre that countess ablaze sent me. I quite like the effect, and will do a full post on that another time.

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