Thursday, 4 June 2015

The problem of sizing

I'm sort of medium fat. It's an awkward size, actually - too big for most regular shops, on the smaller side for the fat girl shops. It's the kind of fat where I get well-meaning people saying 'oh, you aren't FAT fat' like fat is the worst thing in the world you can be.

Personally, I think fat is less awful than a lot of things I could be, but hey. There's plenty of people in the world who think it's a moral failing to get fat and look unfuckable to them, and they are more than willing to tell me all about it. So I'm fat. It's OK. You can use the word.

The problem is, that despite all the talk about how when you knit your own clothes you can make sure they fit, is that a lot of them crap out somewhere between a 38" and a 42" bust. I'm a 44" bust, and not an experienced enough knitter to do the maths to make it bigger for me.

(give it time).

I don't know, maybe it's me, but if the average dress size in the UK is a UK 16 (US 12) and the average dress size in the US is I think a 14, it might be a financial advantage to provide more than mumsy, old-fashioned, boring knitting patterns in larger sizes. Fat girls like to dress nice, too. I've never designed a pattern though, maybe the extra work is too much.

But I'd like any designers reading this to at least consider going to higher sizes, knowing that there are plenty of younger people who are fat AND interested in cool and quirky clothing, and it isn't just the slender who want to wear something edgy.

On that note, this is why I like Their designs are not only FREE but they are available in sizes up to 49"/50" ish and sometimes higher.

I'm working on Sinnesfrid (which they published) at the moment, in a super-soft llama blend yarn. Here's how it looks at the time of writing.

On Ravelry I've gone and called it Drama Llama Akapana, because that's just the kind of person I am.

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