Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Welcome to Fat, Lazy and Knitting, yet another knitting and spinning blog in the vast sea of them.

Why Fat, Lazy and Knitting?

Well, I'm fat (a UK size 20) and I'm currently unable to hold down a full-time job (so lazy, at least according to the papers) and I like to knit.

Knitting has been a wonderful discovery for me. I started properly about six months ago and have loved every second. I loved it so much I am learning to spin, because why not add yet another skill that was long ago made obsolete by mechanisation?

This blog is going to be kind of a hybrid.  Sure, there's going to be plenty of pictures of work in progress and finished things, but there's also going to be discussions of how much I mess up, and discussions about WHY I am doing this particular thing and why it appeals.

There MAY in some distant future be discussions about the relation of handcrafts to politics, gender etc. This is if I can formulate the foggy thoughts swimming around in my head.

As I get better as a knitter and spinner, maybe there'll even be some genuinely wonderful things.

In the meantime, I leave you with my first finished jumper. Warning: Contains images of an overweight person existing. The pattern was Flax by Tin Can Knits, available for free. And if I can knit it, you can knit it.

Be seeing you soon.


  1. Best of luck in this new adventure! You made me laugh with your blog title, so I'm already a fan. :D

    The great texture on the sleeves shows up really well in your sweater, and dare I say that is a very good advantage to having extra large sleeves. Win!

    1. Thanks, Dayana! I'm hoping I can keep up with things and keep people interested.

      How do you feel being my very first comment?

    2. HONORED, my dear, honored!


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