Saturday, 6 June 2015


As well as a knitter I'm a spinner. I use a drop spindle to turn fluff into string, and it's wonderful and I love it. Stay tuned for an update all about that in the near future.

Right now I just want to be excited about my new fluff that just arrived today.


This fibre is by Saras Texture Crafts, where they dye fibre to order on a number of bases. Both of these are on BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) a sheep breed with lovely soft, strong fleece. The one on the right is Lichen, a mix of greens, browns and greys.
The one on the left is Dartmoor, which is blues, greens and browns.
I have plans for these, but you'll have to wait to see them. In the meantime, why not browse the website I bought them from? They sell yarn as well as fibre if you haven't learned to spin yet.

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