Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The joy of planning

By the time you read this, the buttons will be sewn onto my Drama Llama Akapana and finished pictures will be up on Ravelry (plus a final blog post about that vest), and I will most likely have cast on for the Carats vest.

When I saw this I fell in love. A very kind person on Ravelry bought me the pattern as a gift AND sent me some lovely discontinued Rowan yarn to make it with. I'd be very happy if more people would send me garment quantities of yarn!

Right now, I'm planning it. I'm thoroughly enjoying just thinking about knitting it - reading through the pattern, dreaming of how it'll look when it's done.

There's a particular joy and satisfaction that comes just from planning a new knit item. Other crafters will most likely know what I mean - that wonderful stage where everything is potential, where nothing has gone wrong or been frustrating and where you haven't got bogged down in the half-way-through dear god am I making any progress at all stage.

I'm loving this, I'm loving my plans, and I can't wait to cast on.

I just need some needles.

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