Thursday, 2 June 2016

My very first pattern

After a year of no updates (long story, involved hellish hellish times) I'm back with a vengeance - and my very first knitting pattern.

It's simple, it's predictable, but I made it up in a pub because I forgot my sock pattern and I'm pleased.

I thought I might write it out here and show you a picture of the sock, so you can knit it too if you like. Maybe make a pattern entry on Ravelry.

If you've already knit some basic toe-up socks before and understand toe-up sock construction, this should be a simple-ish little pattern. Complete beginners would probably struggle a little however.

PLEASE NOTE: this is much easier if you can cable without a cable needle! This is a good tutorial. Or, do what I do for this specific pattern which is:

Put your needle at the back of the work (the inside of the sock). Knit into the BACK of the SECOND stitch on the needle. DO NOT PULL STITCH OFF.  Move your needle to the front, and knit into the front of the FIRST stitch on the needle. Pull both stitches off at once. The cross is done. I find this a lot faster and easier than fiddling around with a cable needle, but if you don't feel confident with it use a cable needle by all means.

The pattern as I knit it incorporates the Fish Lips Kiss heel, which you can buy for $1, or you can knit your preferred heel type. It's written for magic loop, but would probably work on dpns too. Fits a womans medium foot. The pattern is pretty stretchy and could be resized by adding or subtracting pattern repeats.

Climbing Vining Socks

Gauge: 9 stitches to 1inch in stockinette on 2.25mm needles.
Suggested Yarn: Old Maiden Aunt Merino/Nylon/Sparkle 4ply

C2F - Cable 2 front. Slip first stitch onto a cable needle, hold at front, knit next stitch, knit stitch from cable needle.
K - Knit
P - Purl
Inc- increase of your preference.


Using Judy's Magic Cast-On, cast on 20 stitches, ten on each needle.
Every other round knit 1, inc 1, knit to last stitch on needle, inc 1 knit 1. Repeat on needle 2.
until you have 64 stitches.  Knit one round plain.

Now it's time for the cable repeat. Needle 1 holds your instep (top of your foot) stitches, needle 2 holds your sole stitches. Until we are done with the heel, there'll be no pattern on needle 2.

Cable Repeat:

Rounds 1-3
Needle 1: P1 * K2 P2, repeat for * to last 3 stitches, K2 P1
Needle 2: knit all stitches
Round 4
Needle 1: P1 * C2F P2, repeat from * to last three stitches, C2F P1.
Needle 2: knit all stitches

Repeat as necessary to get your ideal foot length, adding in your preferred heel type when needed.

On the leg, simply repeat the cable pattern on needle 2 as well as needle 1 until leg is at your preferred length. Then

P1 *K2, P2 , repeat from * til last three stitches, K2, P1 on both needles for 2.5inches. Bind off with Jeny's super stretchy bind off.

There, my first ever sock pattern. If you like it, knit it, post it on ravelry so I can see it!

This pattern is FREE and will always be FREE but if you really enjoyed knitting it please consider tipping me a quid or two. Yarn and needles don't pay for themselves!

Friday, 3 July 2015

I'm apparently not a pro at making good decisions, because I have decided to knit a full-size, complicated shawl in lace weight.

The pattern is Limberlost Trails and it is beautiful (and my favourite word, FREE) but as you can see it is not the simplest or most easily memorised lace pattern in the universe. It is also all in charts, includes some techniques I don't understand, and is going to be ridiculously easy to lose my place in.

I've got the first 52 rows done. There are... a lot more to go.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


You cannot defeat me, shawl! You cannot beat me!
You sat for weeks in my project bag, haunting me with my failure. Well, over two days I finished you. I got those needles and that yarn and I worked at you and now you are done.

And if part of you was done with a larger needles size than the rest, I don't think anyone will notice.

Pictures below the cut.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Stop with the boxes!

I get it, OK? Knitting trends follow real trends and right now the trend is for boxy and shapeless, drapey and organic.

I understand the appeal of this aesthetic. Just take a look at one of the jumpers from the new Brooklyn Tweed Collection. This is imago from Wool People 9

Imago from Wool People 9

I get why people like this look. I like this look.

But boxy and loose doesn't suit all of us.

Monday, 29 June 2015

How I knit

Lying on the sofa, watching youtube gaming videos.

Often there is a cat sleeping on my legs.

This is, honestly, pretty great.

How do you knit?

Thursday, 25 June 2015


Luck is finding 50gram of 100% cashmere yarn on ebay for £5 including purchase.

Skill and persistance turn that into a soft, warm, simple shawlette.

My good luck is sometimes somone elses bad, too.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

'Join in the round, being careful not to twist'

I've never had a problem with this before. I was, in fact, a little dismissive of people who found it hard. 'I'm a newbie!' I scoffed, 'And I can manage it'.

I suspect my current difficulties are punishment for my hubris.