Wednesday, 1 July 2015


You cannot defeat me, shawl! You cannot beat me!
You sat for weeks in my project bag, haunting me with my failure. Well, over two days I finished you. I got those needles and that yarn and I worked at you and now you are done.

And if part of you was done with a larger needles size than the rest, I don't think anyone will notice.

Pictures below the cut.

I know it looks brown and red here, but it's not
(As you can see, this shawl has an interesting construction and some lovely details. I really like the contrast between the sturdy, comforting garter stitch body and then the ragged, delicate jagged sections at the end.)

And if there's a couple of small errors towards the end (because it was 1am and I had 9 rows to go), well, I'll just claim it was deliberate.

The point is: I BEAT YOU.

And I'm glad I did. I like you a lot. I was thinking of blocking you properly, but I actually like you like this, so let's leave it.

Currently this wonderful pattern has very few projects on Ravelry, which is bizarre to me. It's just so interesting looking! It's kind of decayed industrial, vaugely apocalyptic, and I LOVE that aesthetic. It's not complicated, delicate lace, but it doesn't need to be - it has a completely different approach to beauty.

The pattern is Shattered by Josh Ryks. You should take a look of some of his other designs - they too are structurally interesting.

I used two yarns from Countess Ablaze - Hebridean Knight in Overdyed Red and a blue-faced leicester four ply from her Odyssey series. I'd suggest using two yarns that are noticeably different to each other but that have at least some undertones in common. In this case very dark blackish/brown red and some red-toned pinks. Solid or semi-solid is best. Countess Ablaze is on holiday right now so her shop may not stock the same things I used, but I also like The Knitting Goddess for semisolids.

Go, buy this pattern. Buy the yarn. And have a good time.

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