Thursday, 25 June 2015


Luck is finding 50gram of 100% cashmere yarn on ebay for £5 including purchase.

Skill and persistance turn that into a soft, warm, simple shawlette.

My good luck is sometimes somone elses bad, too.

For example, recently Old Maiden Aunt recently suffered a small studio fire. Fortunately no-one was hurt but she lost some stock and some of her remaining stock ended up stinking of smoke. This was obviously very awful and unfortunate for her.

But because I'm a monster, I got all excited, since the smoke-tainted yarn went on sale for 25% off. I now have some beautiful sparkly sock yarn in the colourway Aniseed.

And I know I'm awful, because a tiny nasty part of me wants some of my other favourite yarn sellers to have some small, non-harmful accident that makes for a sale. Because I love my hand-dyed stuff, but god knows my budget doesn't stretch that far as often as I'd like...

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